qpm - simple password manager

qpm provides basic, password protected, secret storage and management. It can store, for example, a collection of passwords all protected by a single master password.

qpm relies on gocryptfs for cryptography, and basic tools such as find(1) and tree(1).

Data is stored in a gocryptfs mount. Each entry is a directory with files (i.e. SECRET, URL, etc). The higher level directory structure organizes entries into groups.

qpm reads/writes passwords via standard input/output allowing you to build flexible and powerful management tools.

Read its source code to see how it works.

Qubes-os features

  1. Give top-level group the same name as an appvm Qube. i.e. `qpm add -url https://gmail.com personal/gmail

  2. Use qpm appvm <vm-name> <entry> to open the URL in the appvm Qube, and copy the secret to the appvm's clipboard. i.e. qpm appvm gmail

Note this feature requires additional dependences in the appvm template. /etc/qubes-rpc/qpm.ClipOpenURL to open a URL and paste to clipboard. Also gocopy, which depends on xsel (recommended) or xclip. See etc/qubes-rpc/qpm.ClipOpenURL comments for install details.

qpm started as spm fork. spm started as tpm fork.